Applying for financial aid

Students must first apply for admission and be accepted to SCAD in order to receive financial aid. 

Students also should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online and include SCAD as a school choice using SCAD code number 015022. Accurate income tax information should be used and is accessible on the FAFSA website through the Internal Revenue Service's data retrieval tool. 

Within three to five days after filing the FAFSA online, students should receive a Student Aid Report. Students should review the SAR for accuracy and submit any necessary revisions to the federal processor. 

Students who receive a request for additional information from the SCAD financial aid office should complete and return the information promptly. 

If selected for verification, students may be required to submit documentation in the form of a prior year's IRS tax transcript. Further information is available online

After all information has been received and processed, an official award of financial assistance is sent to the student from SCAD. The award lists all financial assistance the student can receive, including scholarships, grants and loans.