A faculty of talented professionals

At SCAD we're especially proud of the team we've assembled for the luxury and fashion management department. Our professors have been commissioned by designer Bruce Oldfield, Diana Princess of Wales, David Shilling and HM The Queen Mother. Our faculty work with companies and brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, IMAGNIN and Bergdorf Goodman, experience that leads directly to more opportunities for our students.

Program leadership

Michael Fink

Dean, School of Fashion

Dejan Agatonovic

Associate dean, School of Fashion

Daniel Green

Chair, fashion marketing and management; Chair, luxury and fashion management

Salvatore (Luca) Lo Sicco

Associate chair, fashion marketing and management, luxury and fashion management

"I love the constant flow of energy and ideas that our students bring to class every day. Directing them toward their future is exhilarating."

Michael Fink | Dean, School of Fashion

Tailor-made for success

The instruction you'll receive from top-notch professors will be supplemented by the amazing opportunities afforded by life at SCAD. With master classes, workshops, free lectures and guest speakers, there's always an enriching experience on tap.

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