SCAD student creating digital designs on laptop

Digital publishing certificate

Available at:  
- Atlanta
- Savannah
- eLearning

Undergraduate students learn publishing and design fundamentals, including layout, graphic imaging and typography, and are introduced to a variety of industry-standard computer applications used in the production and presentation of print and online media. Students may choose a focus on pre-press and/or Web publishing, or may complete both the production design and Web design courses for further specialization.

  • GRDS 201 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • GRDS 205 Typography I: Anatomy, Form and Space
  • GRDS 285 Graphic Design Media Management
  • GRDS 348 Graphic Design Studio I: Idea Visualization
  • GRDS 358 Production for Print and Digital Environments
  • — Directed elective*

Curriculum: 30 hours

* Choose one of the following: GRDS 384 Web Design, ITGM 267 Core Principles: Interactive Design, or ITGM 357 Applied Principles: Interactive Web Design.