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SCAD professor demonstrates drawing techniques on white board

Concept design for animation and games minor

Available at:  
- Atlanta
- Savannah

Concept illustrators ideate worlds, characters, environments, and objects found in games, animations, movies, theme parks and beyond. To cultivate these innovative concepts, illustrators fuse problem-solving strategies with mastery of digital tools, anatomy, perspective, color, and visual storytelling. Students are immersed in the process of creating as they establish a body of work that demonstrates technical skill and visual narrative proficiency.

  • Select one of these five options:

  • MOME 120 Concepts and Storyboards
  • ITGM 130 Digital Design Aesthetics
  • SEQA 311 Conceptual Illustration
  • ILLU 326 Atmospheric and Environmental Illustration
  • ILLU 384 Anatomy and Rendering for the Real and Imagined
  • ILLU 160 Illustrative Anatomy and Perspective
  • ILLU 218 Materials and Techniques
  • ILLU 225 Digital Illustration
  • ILLU 434 Concept Design for Animation and Games

Total course of study: 25 hours