Art history students learning about British American paintings

British-American studies minor

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- Savannah

The works of British and American artists, architects, writers and designers express significant and diverse historical and political connections. The British-American Studies minor develops an interdisciplinary strategy for students from all majors to investigate outstanding achievements in the history of art and literature. Students benefit from hands-on access to the Earle W. Newton Collection of British and American art and other collections at the SCAD Museum of Art and the rich resources of the university and region.

  • — Directed ARLH elective*
  • — Directed ARLH elective*
  • — Directed ARTH elective†
  • — Directed ARTH elective†
  • — Directed ENGL elective‡

Total course of study: 25 hours

* Choose one of the following: ARLH 301 Built Environment of the Americas, Pre-Colonial–1865; ARLH 375 Architecture and Urban History of Savannah; or ARLH 461 American Cultural Landscape.
† Choose one of the following: ARTH 226 American Art, ARTH 348 British Portraiture, ARTH 367 18th-century English Art and Design, or ARTH 458 Caricature and Satire in 18th-century British Culture.
‡ Choose one of the following: ENGL 137 Shakespeare, ENGL 139 The Romantic Revolution, ENGL 167 American Realists and Naturalists: 1850-1900, or ENGL 170 Satire in Great Literature.