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Book arts minor

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The minor in book arts provides students with the technical skills and conceptual maturity to work in a wide variety of professions related to the book arts. Coursework focuses on methods of typesetting and image development within the book environment, the role of book arts in the contemporary print market, as well as handmade paper production, book bindings and technical processes as they relate to artists’ books and/or sculptural paper.

  • PRMK  200 Printmaking for Non-majors*
  • PRMK 202 Etching: Image Making in Metal*
  • PRMK 203 Innovative Applications in Lithography*
  • PRMK 260 Screen Printing for Fashion, Luxury adn Interior Spaces
  • PRMK 308 The Art of the Book: Re-imagining the Printed Page
  • PRMK  322 Papermaking: Book Arts and Sculptural Applications
  • PRMK  370 Print Media and Experimental Book Structures

Total course of study: 25 hours

* Choose one of these three courses.