SCAD students shooting scene from film

Acting for the camera minor

Available at:  
- Atlanta
- Savannah

Actors bring the story to life in front of a camera. Memorable performances move audiences in movie theaters, in front of TV screens, and even on mobile devices. Acting for the camera requires a distinct approach in terms of complex vocal, physical and emotional expression. In addition to helping students portray believable characters for different genres, the minor also places special emphasis on developing techniques and methodologies for auditioning and performing for the screen.

  • FILM 100 Digital Film Production: Story to Screen
  • PERF 199 Acting for the Camera: Fundamentals
  • PERF 360 The Art of the Audition: Film and TV
  • PERF 370 Advanced Acting: Film and TV Drama
  • PERF 470 Advanced Acting: Film and TV Comedy and Commercials

Total course of study: 25 hours