Chris Platz

Interactive design and game development program coordinator


  • B.S., business management, Southern Polytechnic State University
  • M.F.A., computer art, The Art Institute of California


  • More than a decade of experience teaching animation and game design at San Francisco State University, California College of the Arts, Stanford University, Academy of Art University and more.
  • Contributed to a variety of independent games and virtual reality experiences, including "Carillon," "ECHO::Canyon," "Grey Wastes," "Equinox Rift," "SyZyGy SyNth" and "World of Mush."
  • Provided research and studio work to Stanford University, Smule and more.

Awards, recognitions and honors

  • Best portfolio award, Art Institute of California – San Francisco
  • "Grey Wastes" included in Forbes' "10 Games From Stanford Cardinal Game Jam."

Publications and Presentations

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