Alexandria Pierce

Art history professor


  • B.A., art history, University of Victoria
  • M.A., art history, University of Victoria
  • Ph.D., art history, McGill University


• Directed and curated museums and art galleries, 1980–2004.
• Founded an artist-run center, Center Eye, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1980-89.
• Helped establish the medium of photography as a fine art medium.
• The first woman photojournalist in Canada to be employed as a full-time staff photographer by a major city daily newspaper.
• SCAD professor since 2006, including off-campus study courses in New York City and Greece.

Awards, recognitions and honors

• SCAD Sabbatical Award, 2014
• Creator of lecture series, “Voyage into Myth and Modernism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries," Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 2003.


  • ATINER (Athens Institute for Education and Research)

Publications and Presentations


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