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Are SCAD eLearning courses only available online?

All courses offered through eLearning are also offered in SCAD classrooms. SCAD eLearning students receive the same level of instruction and follow the same curriculum via online education they would if they took courses in a traditional classroom setting at the university.

SCAD eLearning provides many resources to help guide students toward success. Through the eLearning virtual campus, eLearning staff seeks to ensure that distance-learning students are included and connected with their peers, faculty and the entire SCAD community.

When do classes start? And do online courses meet at specific times?

SCAD eLearning students may begin their study any quarter during the academic year. While course registrations adhere to the normal SCAD calendar of four 10-week quarters, online education classes are not held at set times. However, students are expected to complete coursework according to a schedule that stipulates due dates and flexible online sessions for students and professors to meet, assess and critique work or expand upon discussion board postings. Students in eLearning courses are expected to participate in all assignments, examinations and field trips or other special activities as directed by the professor. Attendance is determined by active participation in required activities.

Can all eLearning programs be completed entirely online?

All SCAD eLearning programs can be completed entirely online.

Does SCAD offer scholarship opportunities to eLearning students?

Yes, SCAD eLearning applicants have the same scholarship opportunities as if they were applying to one of our other locations.

Through the admission department, SCAD administers a number of scholarships for entering students. Scholarship recipients are expected to be particularly strong and positive leaders at SCAD, excelling academically and representing SCAD well within the community. Scholarships are available to both United States citizens and non-U.S. citizens, and are awarded to entering students prior to first-quarter attendance.

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