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Sample workshops

Elementary Art: Beyond Drawing and Painting

Explore fun ways to incorporate some other processes and techniques. You will leave with your own samples and lots of ideas for printmaking, weaving, and clay/other 3D sculptures for a variety of grade levels. Tips and tricks for how to manage time, materials, and students will also be shared.

Elementary Art: Creative Collaboration in the Classroom

This hands-on course focuses on collaboration in the art room. Large-scale projects that create a permanent display for the school or community, as well as individual projects that come together as a group project will be explored. Strategies for managing this type of project will be provided and participants will take home individual samples and ideas for a variety of lessons and grade levels.

Fashion: Fashion Sketching Techniques

This workshop introduces basic proportion techniques to create your own fashion figure (or croquis), using pencils. You will learn about fashion proportions, fashion poses, and the fashion face. Then, you’ll go over basic rendering techniques with markers on marker paper, and learn how to render multiple fabric types on our created croquis. Next, you will use your acquired techniques from class one, with a live model, for fashion gesture drawings. Later, you will create beautiful fashion illustrations.

Fibers: Leather Jewelry

Create your own custom leather jewelry. You’ll work on several projects including cuff bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We’ll cover basic leather tooling, wet molding, dyeing, and stitching, and you’ll leave with several finished jewelry pieces.

Fibers: Leather Sandals

Make your own custom leather sandals! Learn basic leather shoemaking skills and create your own simple leather sandal customized to fit you. We’ll cover following patterns, leather cutting, dyeing, embellishing, and attaching soles, and you’ll leave with a finished pair of sandals.

Fibers: Natural Dye *STEAM

Exploring the world of natural dyeing, this course investigates locally harvested plant material to produce color on textiles. Hands-on, practice-based research will be conducted in both the SCAD community garden and the studio with a focus on dye chemistry, historic uses of natural color for textiles, and contemporary practice within a design, fine art, and studio production context. Participants will leave with a detailed research book for producing local colors, scientific recipes, and experiments for replicating in their classroom environment and resources for expanding into project-based learning.

Film: Creating 360º VR Films *STEAM

Immersive storytelling creates new opportunities and challenges for viewers and filmmakers alike. This workshop introduces participants to storytelling through filmmaking in VR using a variety of 360º/VR live action cinema cameras. You’ll walk through the workflow of writing for immersive content, shooting, stitching, editing, and uploading content for viewing in VR headsets.

Foundation Studies: Color, Collage, and Creativity

Explore collage as a medium for learning color harmonies while fostering creative and conceptual development. In this workshop, you’ll create thought-provoking images by combining text with the collages, leading to a great springboard for a class writing exercise or discussion. Collage is a great way to implement art into any lesson with little mess or expense.

Foundation Studies: Mixed Media

Learn about the history of mixed media and contemporary techniques for pairing mixed materials to create cohesive works of art.

Foundation Studies: Painting with Drawing Materials

Create a life-size portrait from observation using PanPastels and charcoal pencils. Specific processes relating to the materials, observational drawing, and anatomy will be discussed and demonstrated.

Foundation Studies: Travel Sketchbook

Preserve your unique experiences and observations while enhancing your drawing and painting skills. Professor Jaime Howard has traveled and sketched all over the world. Her sketchbooks and those of other artists will be used to discuss and demonstrate various methods, styles, and media for preserving your own memories. You will begin your own visual journal in class and learn to put together a portable studio that can go anywhere in a pocket or purse. Join Professor Howard on page one of your own travel sketchbook, beginning a creative habit that will stay with you all year long.

Foundation Studies: Artistic Expression Using Adobe Photoshop *STEAM

Brush up on your Adobe Photoshop skills. This workshop explores the artistic applications of Photoshop by learning how to apply and use brushes, filters, and layering techniques. Learn the limitless aesthetic possibilities of Photoshop. Extend your skills beyond photography and enter a painterly realm of image creation.

Foundation Studies: Creative Spirits

Visit and draw in Savannah's famous, historic, and beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery. Tips and demonstrations on travel-type sketchbooks and drawing media will be provided including sketchbook, pens, and pencils.

Graphic Design: Graphic Design Fundamentals: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Learn the fundamentals of strong visual communication — typography, composition, color, and more — as taught exclusively through the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Illustration: Perspective Made Easy and Fun!

Comic artists, illustrators, game designers, and animators must be able to create images that accurately convey space, dimension, and form. Perspective is often considered a daunting subject, filled with dry, highly technical rules. Learn the principles of perspective through a series of fun, and easy-to-understand exercises. You will also be introduced to several inexpensive software programs that eliminate the need for rulers.

Industrial Design: Design Thinking *STEAM

This workshop will introduce participants to the principles of design thinking as well as practical tools to facilitate creativity, learning experiences, and innovation. This will include Brenda Laurel’s technique of the Informance and a leading design research firm’s method of Sensory Cue Canvassing. The professor will also share examples of design thinking inspired projects spanning across Europe and the U.S.

Interactive Design and Game Development: Game Design and Development *STEAM

Within one session, you will create a fully functioning 2D platformer game with characters, enemies, and a scoring mechanic. Using the Construct gaming engine, you will learn the basics of object creation, collisions, spawning, and the dreaded character of "death.” By the end of this session, you will have a live game online and operating.

Interactive Design and Game Development: It’s Alive! An Introduction to Physical Computing *STEAM

In this workshop, learn to create interactive art using conductive paint, copper tape, and LEDs. You will learn how microprocessor boards are used to read sensors and control lights and sound. Using the Bare Conductive touch board, you can bring your objects to life.

Jewelry: Stackable Rings with Bezel Setting

In this workshop, create a set of stackable rings with silver wire and learn to set beautiful cabochon gemstones in bezel setting. You will gain a number of jewelry techniques including silver soldering, wire construction, metal texturing, polishing, and bezel-setting technique. No experience required, and you are welcome to bring gemstones and found objects for this project.

Liberal Arts: Art in Honor of Teaching

In a relaxed atmosphere with other educators who care deeply about teaching, participants of this workshop will be invited to create a “work of art,” to acknowledge, celebrate, or inspire their own teaching. Participants may want to create art dolls that represent “psychological safety,” draw or paint an image that represent a gift they bring to teaching, or create a collage to celebrate their achievements in teaching. A range of materials suited for a two-half day project will be provided.

Liberal Arts: Social Media-Podcasts

Social media networks are an abundant source of opportunity and inspiration. It is one of the best ways to stay informed. Embark on a journey into the audio and visual landscape of delivering messages to the masses. This workshop is designed to take you through the stages of the production process, from planning, collecting content for inspiration, equipment, recording, editing, and publishing episodes for distribution.

Painting: Mural Painting

Learn tips and tricks from an experienced mural painter on how to create an efficient system to guide students through mural painting. This hands-on workshop will cover artwork design approaches, materials, and how to assess site potential and preparation, execution, and last steps to completion. Each day starts with a practical lecture followed by busy hands-on application of the theory by painting on a small-scale mural in studio.


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