Recognition / June 2, 2014

Student American Advertising gold award goes to Joseph Bauer

Joseph Bauer (M.F.A., film and television, 2013, Crestwood, Kentucky) earned gold at the district level of the 2014 Student American Advertising awards for his Clubman Aftershave commercial spots, “The Gentleman’s Handbook.”

Other students who received outstanding honors include:

  • Shaun Oppedisano, B.F.A., visual communications, 2014, Malden, Massachusetts
  • Brenna Kaplan, B.F.A. graphic design student, Marlborough, Connecticut
  • Grace Washko, B.F.A. illustration student, Wayzata, Minnesota
  • Andrew Lainhart, B.F.A. film and television student, Royston, Georgia
  • Kara Adams, B.F.A., visual communications student, Bessemer, Alabama

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