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World Architecture News Urban Design Award

Project approach

An interdisciplinary group of SCAD students, faculty, and alumni worked for 10 months to design and develop SCADpad® — from its architectural footprint to custom furniture to remote home control — to fit in the mere 135-square-feet of a standard parking space. It proposes a solution to the growing urban housing challenges that cities are facing around the world.

Throughout fall 2013 and winter 2014, students presented a multitude of concepts to a design review board, accepting thoughtful feedback to define, evolve and mobilize the strongest ideas for SCADpad. Five classes answering five different questions collaborated for user-centered indoor and outdoor design solutions that work together for SCADpad, a singular module prototype put into production, becoming a livable space in the Atlanta, Georgia urban community.

Project leads

John McCabe, industrial design professor
Michael Felix, industrial design professor
Scott Boylston, design for sustainability professor
Josephine Leong, interactive design and game development professor
Sheila Edwards, furniture design professor
Bob Bazemore, furniture design professor
Khoi Vo, chair, interior design
Cotter Christian, interior design professor
Craig Celements, architecture professor
Chad Keller, historic preservation professor
Ryan Madson, urban design and architecture professor
Brian Sweny, interior design professor

"The project gave students the opportunity to collaborate with each other on a real-world project. Their energy and enthusiasm has served to make this project a reality."

Christian Sottile | Architecture professor

Project outcome

Each of the resulting three SCADpad units has a unique theme and visual identity, reflecting SCAD's global footprint.

Features include a common green space that helps create a community environment. An organic garden is fed by a greywater filtration system, while a composting and recycling center ensures minimal waste. A rapid prototyping area with 3-D printing lets residents customize their unit to their specific needs — a perfect way to maximize life in a micro house.

The completed project was an immediate success, earning international media attention from CNN, The Guardian, FastCompany and The Huffington Post, among others. World Architecture News honored SCADpad with its 2014 Urban Design Award, and this new vision for urban living was also the winner of AIA Georgia’s Design Award.

"The best thing about being involved in SCADpad is the thought that all of these people came together with their unique skills to make something amazing."

Lynda Spratley | Graphic design student and SCADpad resident

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