Gavin Taylor Sidefx Particle Project

Video Game Dependency motion piece

Length: 00:00:15 | Technique: stop motion, animation | Music: Super Mario; world clear, game over, warning | 2013 |

ITGM 452 Project - Pulse

10 week project focusing on level design on a four man team.

ITGM 352 Final

10 Week Project built in UDK

Prisma Gameplay Trailer (Short)

Prisma is a 2.5D, trans-dimensional platformer where you play as Ray, who is lost in a mysterious-yet-familiar world. Ray has the power to control dimensions around her. Prisma is a SCAD-Atlanta senior studio project being developed by nine students, and is aimed at fans of difficult platformers.

Ordinary Pain

Short motion composition set to Stevie Wonder's "Ordinary Pain" off of his epic master piece "Songs In The Key Of Life". Created to fulfill an assignment to illustrate time. The subject was shot with a Cannon Rebel T3i.

Ammar Nassri's 2D Animation Sample

O2L 2014 Animation MFA cwheel23 video 03

SCAD O2L 2014 Animation MFA

O2L 2014 Animation MFA cwheel23 video 01