Analeigh Tipton at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Analeigh Tipton encourages actors to "bring yourself and a willingness to take direction" to auditions.

Hoon Lee at aTVfest

Actor Hoon Lee compares the sequential journey of printmaking to kickstarting yourself creatively and bringing that process to the world of acting.

Laurie Holden at aTVfest

Actress Laurie Holden notes that television series work has become more popular than film work because it allows artists to tell good stories and to better develop their characters. She also emphasizes the importance of constantly learning new things, no matter what stage you are in your career.

aTVfest 2013

SCAD Atlanta hosts the inaugural aTVfest to showcase the dynamic breadth of Georgia's television production industry and SCAD's academic degree programs in film and television, dramatic writing, performing arts, sound design, and more. SCAD also honors veteran stage and screen performer Phylicia Rashad with the Outstanding Achievement in Television Award.

SCADpad Episode 5: The Talk of the Town

SCADpad® micro-housing community is unveiled to the public, generating a buzz of excitement among architects, designers, urban planners and community organizers.

SCADpad Episode 4: The Future

How can design change the world? The students, faculty, staff and alumni who conceived, built and lived in SCADpad® micro-housing units provide some answers.

SCADpad Episode 3: The Art of Design

SCAD students, faculty, and alumni representing numerous discilplines created three SCADpad® micro-housing units — each with a unique theme and visual identity. A common green space extends the living area, creating a community environment.

SCADpad Episode 2: The Homework

An interdisciplinary group of SCAD students, faculty and alumni worked for 10 months to design and develop three SCADpad® micro-housing units—from their architectural footprints to custom furniture to remote home control—each to fit in the mere 135-square-feet of a standard parking space at SCAD Atlanta.

SCADpad Episode 1: The Big Idea

As the world's population continues to grow and concentrate in cities, SCAD has cultivated an entirely new vision of an urban community. SCADpad® embraces and advances the university’s deeply rooted commitment to adaptive reuse by using a SCAD Atlanta parking structure to create an inspirational and sustainable community.

The Collaborative Learning Center at SCAD

SCAD works with a variety of top businesses, brands and organizations to research and solve challenging problems. Every year, the Collaborative Learning Center generates more than 50 discrete industry-sponsored projects across 40 disciplines, pairing innovative companies with the brightest creative students and professors.