Danza De Los Muertos

Colin Tunstall

Colin Tunstall, co-founder and creative director of Saturdays Surf NYC


Corinne Grealish

As a senior designer at Swarovski, Corinne Grealish discusses jewelry as an art form and the inspiration she acquires from living and working in Paris.

Michael Mack

Mack's line of bespoke footwear marries his passion for industrial design with an eye for fashion. 

Greg Brunkalla

SCAD alumnus Greg Brunkalla traces his path from SCAD to the Big Apple and beyond and discusses his work as an in-demand director.

Santiago Gonzalez

Santiago Gonzalez shares his vision for growing this Colombia-based, artisanal handbag company into a global luxury brand adored by men and women from New York to Dubai.

Todd Levine

Levine's passion for architecture, history and conservation has helped to ignite a preservation movement to preserve and adaptively reuse New England's historic barns.

Feifei Sun

TIME magazine writer Sun explains how her SCAD education – which helped her expand her knowledge of design, photography and art history – has given her an advantage in the fast-paced world of publishing.

La alumna de arquitectura Jennifer Idrobo

La alumna de arquitectura Jennifer Idrobo comparte la manera en que puede continuar su pasión por la arquitectura, el arte y la moda en la comunidad de artistas en SCAD.