aTVfest 2017 Spotlight Award: Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison reflects on the past roles that led to her part on "Once Upon a Time," and expresses her gratitude at receiving the aTVfest 2017 Spotlight Award.


aTVfest 2017 Spotlight Award: Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman reminds the audience that knowledge is the key to growth as she humbly receives the aTVfest 2017 Spotlight Award.


SCADFILM. For pros, by pros.

As the film and television business in Georgia soars, SCADFILM shares the art and science of storytelling with Atlanta. Through workshops, seminars, guest screenings and master classes, SCADFILM event attendees gain knowledge, hone technical skills and expand their personal connections.

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Featured music:
"The Sky's the Limit" by The Lady & I


SCAD presents "The Buzz," episode 3

Life isn't always grande.

Executively produced by Mark Tymchyshyn, Andra Reeve-Rabb, Greg Smith and Neil Short, this sitcom follows the story of three down-on-their-luck guys trying to navigate post-college life with help from characters at the local coffee shop.

Watch "The Buzz" and see this group of 20-somethings discover life isn't always grande.

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A Live from Studio A/SCADdered TV production


A conversation between Ray A. Smith and Brandon Maxwell

SCAD presents an exclusive conversation between Wall Street Journal style reporter Ray A. Smith and fashion designer Brandon Maxwell. Smith writes about the business of fashion and fashion trends, with a special emphasis on men's style for the Journal's personal journal section. His work has also appeared in The Australian, Inter Press Service and New Orleans Times-Picayune, among others. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from New York University.


SCAD CAPP (International Cultural and Academic Preparation Program)

CAPP prepares talented international students for a successful transition to academic, social and cultural life at SCAD before fall quarter begins.

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2017 SCAD Hong Kong Fashion Showcase

The rise of the Asian fashion market means up-and-coming designers no longer exclusively eye New York or Paris as launching pads for their careers. The industry no longer expects the next generation will hail from one of the traditional fashion capitals.

With its proximity to the Chinese market, Hong Kong is a showcase for major brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Prada, all of which need new talent to thrive and evolve. Hong Kong’s Henry Lau and his brand, SpyHenryLau, are a prime example of this shift.


Go Behind the Screen at 2017 aTVfest

Celebrate design, creativity and innovation in television and digital media at the fifth annual SCAD aTVfest in Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 2–4, 2017.

Join industry-leading producers, directors, writers, actors and more for screenings, panels and workshops exploring the present and future of televised entertainment.

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Google CLC Fall 2015 Proof of Concept video

This animated proof of concept video walks the viewer through the student-created solution, Local. Created by a team of SCAD students (Xudan Zhou, Maria De La Vega, Andrew Wagenhals and Lucia Cozzi), Local is an app prototype that informs relocating young professionals about residential, transportation, dining and leisure options in other cities. It allows the user to easily compare cost of living and job opportunities, personalized to lifestyle and budget.



SCAD presented SCAD AT MIAMI, a celebration of contemporary art, creative education and the global community, during Art Basel, Dec. 1–13, 2016. Visitors could explore enriching exhibitions, join conversations with some of the world’s most innovative artists, register for captivating admission information sessions and connect with SCAD alumni and student artists at this art world gathering.

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