Matthew Lillard at Savannah Film Festival

Actor, director and producer Matthew Lillard explains his young start in acting, the elements of acting and the lifetime goal of all artists.

Geoffrey Fletcher at Savannah Film Festival

Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher shares how his first visual experiences with a still camera and video camera helped him begin to understand the language of cinema. He received a Cinevation Award at the Savannah Film Festival.

Norman Reedus at Savannah Film Festival

Norman Reedus talks about how he went from working in a motorcycle place to an acting career.

Natalie Dormer at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Natalie Dormer talks about prepping for real and fictional characters and points out how acting is a team sport. She received a Discovery Award at the Savannah Film Festival.

Julian Sands at Savannah Film Festival

Julian Sands reflects on being impressed by films when he was young and talks about finding his way as an actor in a free-spirited profession.

Sinéad Cusack at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Sinéad Cusack notes how an audience’s energy can change the nature of a performance, and a camera can focus on the indecent exposure of the soul.

Jeremy Irons at Savannah Film Festival

Jeremy Irons talks about how SCAD brings together a wide variety of disciplines and how learning in such a diverse environment can improve an actors ability to communicate with audiences. Irons received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Savannah Film Festival.

Candice Accola at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Candice Accola compares the differences between film and television scripts when it comes to character roles. She also notes that when it comes to auditioning, sometimes "no" may mean "not yet."

Bruce Dern at Savannah Film Festival

Actor Bruce Dern enjoys movies when the characters are so real that he feels like he is peeking into someone’s living room or seeing something he wasn’t supposed to — all because the actors are publicly exposing their hearts.

Alec Baldwin at Savannah Film Festival

Actor Alec Baldwin reflects on how every day interactions can impact your acting and how performances can impact your life.