Adam Shankman at Savannah Film Festival

Adam Shankman — producer, director, dancer, actor — takes about creating adaptations and being mindful of why you got into the movie business in the first place.

Jeffrey Walker at aTVfest

Director Jeffrey Walker talks about his love of television series, the increasing number of ways television is being distributed and finding creative voice through collaboration.

James Gandolfini at Savannah Film Festival

Actor James Gandolfini talks about how he got into acting, learning to prepare for scenes quickly and the importance of being flexible.

Norman Reedus at Savannah Film Festival

Actor Norman Reedus talks about working on “The Walking Dead,” a horror drama television series, and his mom’s opinion of it.

Matt Dillon at Savannah Film Festival

Actor Matt Dillon talks about being drawn to engaging characters and how actors make good storytellers because they bring characters to life.

John Goodman at Savannah Film Festival

Actor John Goodman reflects on the influence of great actors on his career.

Matthew Lillard at Savannah Film Festival

Actor, director and producer Matthew Lillard explains his young start in acting, the elements of acting and the lifetime goal of all artists.

Geoffrey Fletcher at Savannah Film Festival

Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher shares how his first visual experiences with a still camera and video camera helped him begin to understand the language of cinema. He received a Cinevation Award at the Savannah Film Festival.

Norman Reedus at Savannah Film Festival

Norman Reedus talks about how he went from working in a motorcycle place to an acting career.

Natalie Dormer at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Natalie Dormer talks about prepping for real and fictional characters and points out how acting is a team sport. She received a Discovery Award at the Savannah Film Festival.