SCAD Visiting Artist Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear talks to SCAD students about his works, which contain illustrations for Anheuser-Busch, Lucas Films, Universal Studios, postage stamps, Paramount, 7-Up and Smirnoff.

SCAD Alumnus Chris Lie

CEO and founder of Caravan Studio Chris Lie discusses his passion for sequential art, storytelling and how SCAD helped him turn his dream of drawing for a living into a reality.

SCAD illustration alum Mark Wetzel keeps humor in his style

Mcgarrybowen senior designer and kid-at-heart Mark Wetzel shares his love of humor, music and what drives his unique illustrative style.

Stan Lee at the Savannah Film Festival

Comic icon and master storyteller Stan Lee gives the inside scoop about his career and his legacy at the Savannah Film Festival.


Visual effects demo reel

Visual effects breakdown

In Aeternam Clip

Sunday Clip

The writing program at SCAD

Students at SCAD explore every avenue of the writing profession, with a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that emphasizes everything from creative writing to business and professional writing.