Wonder Channel IDs

Two IDs for the Wonder Channel with a special surprise at the end.

Nothing Like This

Lyric Video to a portion of Nothing Like This by Omar

Kirk Stafford

Kirk Stafford (M.A., luxury and fashion management, 2014), cofounder of TWEEDS, discusses his Atlanta, Georgia men's clothing store that offers style tips and unique handmade items.

Kati Curtis

As a LEED-certified interior designer, Kati Curtis (B.F.A., Interior Design, 1993) discusses the power of design and the joy that comes from affecting the lives of her residential clients.

deFINE ART 2014

SCAD welcomes a gathering of innovative artists from around the globe for its 2014 deFINE ART program.

SCADpad: Next-generation micro-housing in Atlanta

Savannah College of Art and Design is leading the next generation of urban housing design—in a parking deck near its Atlanta location.

A group of SCAD students and faculty from across various academic disciplines are retrofitting a parking deck for an experimental micro housing community called SCADpad. Three SCADpad units or mini houses are being constructed, each the size of a parking space or 135 square feet.

SCADpad will be unveiled for the first time on April 9.

Learn more at scadpad.com

Sally Singer for SCADstyle 2014

Sally Singer's whimsical, efficient style is a visual manifestation of her inner life.

Eddie Borgo for SCADstyle 2014

Eddie Borgo shares his discovery of style and how it developed.

Prabal Gurung for SCADstyle 2014

Prabal Gurung believes style is an instinctive understanding of who you are and the relationship you have with the world.

SCAD Style 2013 guest Bibhu Mohapatra

Fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra explains why his aesthetic, a juxtaposition of opposites, appeals to a variety of ages and styles at SCAD Style 2013.