VH1 Classic Channel ID

BGM: Them Bones - Alice in Chains

Smoke Smoke Smoke

This video was made as a PSA of anti-tobacco. I picked posters and paintings of cigarettes and make them move following the lyric of the background music. When the glitches come out, the clips which show the bad side of smoking are shown so it lets the audience realize that tobacco is not a good thing as its advertisements showed.

Amazon Black Friday Viral

This piece is a viral video project for Amazon's black friday sale. The main characters are red, green and blue, which can become black color when they mix. Also, the colors can represent three kinds of moods. Customers can get these moods in Amazon Black Friday sale, and the sale needs the customers' participations and feedback.

Demo Reel

This is my current reel as of 3/1/2014. It will be updated very soon with new material.

The Metamorphosis


ID for GSN using Cinema 4D.

Wonder Channel IDs

Two IDs for the Wonder Channel with a special surprise at the end.

Nothing Like This

Lyric Video to a portion of Nothing Like This by Omar

Kirk Stafford

Kirk Stafford (M.A., luxury and fashion management, 2014), cofounder of TWEEDS, discusses his Atlanta, Georgia men's clothing store that offers style tips and unique handmade items.

Kati Curtis

As a LEED-certified interior designer, Kati Curtis (B.F.A., Interior Design, 1993) discusses the power of design and the joy that comes from affecting the lives of her residential clients.