An interview with Mike Myers

After screening his directorial debut documentary "Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon" at the 2014 Savannah Film Festival, Mike Myers joins SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace for a candid discussion about family, humor, and perseverance.

An interview with Joe Manganiello

Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello joins SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace for a conversation about talent and hard work during the 2014 Savannah Film Festiva

An interview with Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell, wife of music legend Glen Campbell, in an emotional interview with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace.

An interview with Welby Altidor

Welby Altidor, Executive Creative Director for Cirque du Soleil, in an engaging conversation with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace.

An interview with Sebastian Junger

Director Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm, Restrepo) sits down with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace to discuss his latest work, "The Last Patrol" (airing now on HBO).

An interview with Len Amato

HBO Films President Len Amato speaks candidly to SCAD Founder and President Paula Wallace about finding and telling stories that engage with people emotionally.

An Interview with Ingrid Calame

Artist Ingrid Calame sits with Paula Wallace, President and Founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design, to discuss art as historic preservation and her work at the SCAD campus in Lacoste, France.

An interview with O+A

SCAD President Paula Wallace interviews Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, principals of the San Francisco-based Studio O+A and interior designers for top tech firms including Facebook, Uber, Yelp, AOL and OpenTable.

An interview with Adam Shankman

Director, producer, dancer, choreographer and actor Adam Shankman siscusses show business with SCAD Founder and President Paula Wallace.

Experience SCAD alumnus Jason Hackenwerth's installation 'Aries' at the Mandarin Oriental

SCAD presents “Aries,” a custom installation created by SCAD alumnus and international artist Jason Hackenwerth (M.F.A., painting, 2011), to be suspended in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, the official partner hotel of Art Basel’s Hong Kong show.

Known primarily for his colorful, ephemeral pieces with latex balloons, Hackenwerth uses common materials in transformational ways. His sculptures have been featured in The Los Angeles Natural History Museum, The Guggenheim Museum and Art Basel Miami Beach.