An interview with Prabal Gurung

Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung talks about family influence, the ritual of getting dressed, and being attainable.

An interview with Domenico De Sole

Domenico De Sole, Chair of Tom Ford International and Honorary Chair of SCADstyle, talks about the allure of the fashion business and what students should focus on to be successful.

An interview with Zac Posen

Interviewed by SCAD President Paula Wallace, fashion designer Zac Posen discusses glamor, fashion as architecture, and what it means to be a creator today.

SCADstyle guest Daniel Jeffreys, CEO and founder of deluxewords

CEO and founder of deluxewords, a publishing and consultancy company based on Hong Kong, Daniel Jeffreys advises SCAD students to focus on the rebirth of the China luxury market.

Industrial design alum Francis Fave talks about collaborating with JCB

Industrial design alum Francis Fave tells us about his role in the collaboration between SCAD students and JCB, a construction equipment manufacturer, which led to the redesign of the company's 3CX backhoe.

SCADstyle guest: Kelly Cutrone, founder of People's Revolution

People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone talks about what it takes to be a great designer and the valuable industry access available to SCAD students. Cutrone spoke in Savannah and Atlanta during SCADstyle.

SCAD Visiting Artist Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear talks to SCAD students about his works, which contain illustrations for Anheuser-Busch, Lucas Films, Universal Studios, postage stamps, Paramount, 7-Up and Smirnoff.

SCAD Alumnus Chris Lie

CEO and founder of Caravan Studio Chris Lie discusses his passion for sequential art, storytelling and how SCAD helped him turn his dream of drawing for a living into a reality.

Mark Wetzel

Mcgarrybowen senior designer and kid-at-heart Mark Wetzel shares his love of humor, music and what drives his unique illustrative style.

Stan Lee at the Savannah Film Festival

Comic icon and master storyteller Stan Lee gives the inside scoop about his career and his legacy at the Savannah Film Festival.