Justin Holt

Visual effects artist Justin Holt explains how SCAD’s incredible network of faculty, alumni and professional connections helped him develop his talent and spark his career working on feature films.

Colin Gray

Photographer Colin Gray describes his love of capturing portraits, the thrill of collaborating with fellow artists and how SCAD’s nurturing environment helped him find his path as a professional artist.

Katy Skelton

Furniture designer Katy Skelton discusses the influences that have shaped her creative career and her goal of developing functional, timeless art through every new piece she crafts.

SCADstyle guest Steven Alan

SCADstyle guest Steven Alan's knack for the modern reinterpretation of classics garnered him an impressive roster of designers on the rise, and his showrooms now represent more than 20 designers of clothing, handbags and other accessories

SCADstyle guest Lauren Bush Lauren

SCADstyle2015 guest Lauren Bush Lauren is the founder and CEO of FEED, a social business launched in 2007 with a mission to "create good products that help feed the world." To date, FEED has provided children worldwide with more than 87 million meals and more than 3.5 million vitamin A supplements.

SCADstyle guest Joseph Altuzarra

SCADstyle 2015 guest Joseph Altuzarra is a multicultural, internationally educated designer whose background and experience have given him a fresh perspective and refined vision for his New York-based luxury womenswear brand.

SCAD Atlanta Out to Launch 2015

SCAD Atlanta’s annual senior and graduate student showcase Out to Launch reverses the traditional career fair. A wide range of majors exhibit their best work for visiting companies, and the companies get to choose who they want to meet and interview.

Quentin Jones for SCADstyle 2014

Quentin Jones work is about the visual contrast of polished material with something quite messy.

Stefan Sagmeister for SCADstyle 2014

Stefan Sagmeister believed style was all about an idea and expressing it in whatever style fit it well. He discovered that it wasn't.

Visit Ivy Hall: The Antidote to Writer's Block with Paula Wallace

Take a tour of the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace.