Barnes and Noble The Gunslinger


This was a project for a Motion concepts class. The project was to create an animation based on a particular season and color. Mine was orange and winter. First rigging attempt in C4D.

2014 Demo Reel

This is a sampling of some of the work I created in the past year. I hope you enjoy.

Indelible-Interactive video Installation

Indelible Interactive video installation,
I was working on this gallery based project with my partner Elaine Landers; a Printmaking student in SCAD.

Annie Hall-title sequence

Length 00:00:56 | Music: Sleepy Lagoon | By: Eric Coates, 1940 | Techniques: cinematography | 2013 |

One Day-typography-visual music

Length: 00:01:11 | Music: One Day/Reckoning Song Wankelmut Rmx | 2012 | produced by Asaf Avidan, Ori Winokur and Wankelmut |


Visual Music

Messy Room

Breaking Free

Created for Bluebird: Uncaged as the second video installment of the Beautiful Things Project. The piece explores choosing to believe the truth about our identity, as we step into the freedom of who we are made to be.
Bluebird Uncaged is a dance collective and creative endeavor to bring hope, dignity, and freedom through dance while inviting people into a story greater than their own.