Creating a learning contract

A learning contract must be used if you plan to earn credit for your internship. It includes a list of responsibilities, expected daily duties and long-term project plans.

Cite your learning objectives:

  • What exposure and knowledge are you interested in gaining?
  • What skills are you seeking to refine?
  • What classroom knowledge are you seeking to apply in a work environment?

Outline specifics:

  • Will you earn academic credit?
  • How many hours per week will you work?
  • Is it a paid internship?
  • Is housing provided?
  • Include the name of the on-site supervisor, faculty adviser (if internship is for credit) and dates of the internship. Signatures of each party are required if the internship is for credit.

Cite the criteria for evaluation:

  • How/when will you be evaluated?
  • Who is your supervisor?
  • Who will evaluate your work?
  • What aspects of the internship are evaluated?