Fourth year: implementing your career goals

  • Use our career resources and research companies with career opportunities posted on our job portal.
  • Be efficient and proactive in your job search by attending job search, interviewing and employer workshops and presentations.
  • Participate in an internship in your field.
  • Revise your professional résumé and cover letters. Do not forget to add your résumé to the SCAD Job Portal.
  • Join professional associations and organizations related to your field.
  • Conduct a mock interview through the career and alumni success office to practice interviewing skills and learn how to present your portfolio professionally.
  • Polish your networking skills by scheduling informational interviews and on-site company visits with various employers.
  • Develop and execute your job search plan in detail by creating a job search log to document activities - telephone calls, résumés mailed and follow-up activities.
  • Share your career goals and continue networking with family, friends and various professionals.
  • Choose faculty, previous employers and/or personal contacts to serve as references for you. Make sure to ask their permission to use their names, addresses and phone numbers prior to sending your list of references to any potential employer.
  • Continue to pursue volunteer opportunities and participate in student activities.
  • If interested in pursuing graduate and professional school programs, be sure to take the Graduate Record Examination or other necessary standardized entrance exams.
  • Research fellowships, residencies and scholarship opportunities.
  • Be sure to apply for necessary visas for international employment.
  • Continue to work on your portfolio or demo reel.

Note: A job search can take a day, six months, a year or more depending primarily upon how hard you work at it. Other factors such as the state of the economy, the particular industry and/or company of interest and geographic preferences will affect your search, but you will be most effective if you start early and work thoroughly and consistently.