First year: self-exploration

  • Begin to narrow down your majors of interest. Work with your academic adviser in developing a curriculum plan to assist you in exploring these fields. You may wish to double major or minor in another area to increase your marketability.
  • Investigate part-time jobs and internship possibilities. Target opportunities that may give you valuable work experience to include on your résumé.
  • Prepare your portfolio. Gather exceptional work from your foundation studies courses to include in your portfolio. A portfolio should demonstrate multiple skills, and the development of your portfolio should be a continual process.
  • Educate yourself about your major. Attend guest lectures, student organizations and exhibitions that relate to your area of study. Schedule appointments to speak with faculty in the majors you are considering. Each major has an organization, and the list of professionals and alumni who are guest speakers is extensive.
  • Sign up for Career News. Begin to look at opportunities offered in your fields of interest.