The ambassadorship is open to SCAD alumni pursuing creative practice with a focus on entrepreneurship. SCAD Alumni Atelier ambassadors in Atlanta focus on the literary arts. Ambassadors in Lacoste and Savannah focus on creating artisan products such as jewelry, clothing, accessories, furniture and housewares, and they must also be interested in establishing their own businesses.

Applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate degree from SCAD. Alumni are not eligible to apply if they are current SCAD students, faculty, staff, board or council members. Alumni who have a relationship with any current or former faculty, staff, board or council member must state that relationship. These individuals can neither be used as references, nor will they be permitted to serve on the selection committee.

Previous SCAD Alumni Atelier ambassadors may not reapply.

Submission requirements:

  • Submit an inquiry and brief description online
  • Proposals are accepted by invitation only