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Bridget Foley

Bridget Foley is executive editor of Women’s Wear Daily, a position she has held for more than a decade. Her reports from fashion’s front lines, her coverage of major collections in New York and abroad, and, perhaps even more, her pronouncements on the state of the industry are an integral part of industry trade paper's coverage.

Foley’s style is direct, informed and resolutely fair. Patrick McCarthy, former WWD editorial director said in 2003, “She can look at two or more sides of any issue from any particular angle; in a discussion with Bridget about anything, she will always bring up the counter argument before you get to it.”

Foley joined the publication in her early 20s after working at California Apparel News, her first major job. When Foley joined WWD, John Fairchild was still presiding over what is often called the "bible of fashion," and he refused to allow bylines to be featured under show reviews and features. Bylines are still absent from WWD’s show reviews; however, at the insistence of Fairchild Publishing’s (WWD’s parent company) editorial director, Foley began signing her name below her features, which are now published as “Bridget Foley’s Diary.”

As the digital age continues to catapult editors onto the global stage, Foley remains adamantly low-key. The executive editor has refused to be drawn onto the circuit any further than her journalistic duties require. Foley has positioned herself in keeping with the publication she edits, as a knowledgeable, educated journalist, not an influencer of a global fixation. “I’m writing about an industry. It’s about fashion. It’s not about me.”