• Anita and Michael Thomas


  • J.Christophers
  • GA Crown Distributing
  • Wendy and Neal Aronson
  • Ginny and Charles Brewer
  • Lucy and Steven Cookson
  • Dennis Dean Catering


  • Chick-fil-a
  • Coke-a-cola
  • Taylor English
  • Grant Thornton
  • Follett
  • The Framers
  • Michael Bishop and Shane Thomas
  • Suzanne Kasler Morris and John Morris


  • Assurant Specialty Property
  • BeBe Design
  • Moattar Ltd.
  • The Potomac Law Group
  • Temporary Accomodations
  • SG Contracting
  • Anna and Richard Paré
  • Ed Inman
  • Leslie and David Wierman


  • ADAC
    Ainsworth-Noah Inc.
    Amy D. Morris Interiors
    Meg and Jeff Arnold
    Susan Beallor-Snyder and Stuart Snyder
    J. Veronica Biggins
    Cinda and Mark Boomershine
    Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors
    Brian Watford Interiors
    Barbara and Robert E. Cargill
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chambers III
    Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio
    Dewberry Foundation
    Audra Dial and Matthew Ford
    DRTC Studio
    E. Dale Trice of Design Services of Florida
    Christine Eisner
    George Fryhofer and Dr. Sandra Adamson Fryhofer
    Pete and Brenda S. Garcia
    Michele and Ben Garren
    Fay Gold
    Keith Granet
    Holland & Company
    J Nelson
    J. Marc Designs
    PJ and Annie Johnson
    Judy Bentley Interior Views Inc.
    Jeffrey J. Keenan
    Deborah and Scott Kelly
    Elizabeth and Michael Klump
    Faye and Lewis Manderson
    Mark Williams Design Associates
    Kim and Greg Marks
    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams - Atlanta
    John D. Oetgen and John H. Lineweaver
    Jerry Pair
    Beth and David Park
    Brenda and Myron Piper
    Mary M. Portman
    Jeanmarie and Alan Quarterman
    Christine and Bill Ragland
    Kim and Mac Schuessler
    SG Contracting Inc.
    Cathleen Smith
    Stage Front Presentation Systems
    Standard Press Inc.
    Stuart C. Pliner Home and Barbara Bing Pliner
  • Susan Bozeman Designs Inc.
    Alan B. Whitaker
    Zoe and David Zelby