2017 SCAD Hong Kong Fashion Showcase

The rise of the Asian fashion market means up-and-coming designers no longer exclusively eye New York or Paris as launching pads for their careers. The industry no longer expects the next generation will hail from one of the traditional fashion capitals.

With its proximity to the Chinese market, Hong Kong is a showcase for major brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Prada, all of which need new talent to thrive and evolve. Hong Kong’s Henry Lau and his brand, SpyHenryLau, are a prime example of this shift.

#SCADATMIAMI introduces legions of new fans to "Say It With Music," the world's first-ever virtual reality musical, a rousing tribute to the oeuvre of Irving Berlin. Josh Howard, a current B.F.A. film and television student who wrote and produced the film, was on hand in Miami last week to show visitors the ropes. Kudos to Josh and the "Say It With Music" team! #vr #virtualreality #sayitwithmusic #SCADATMIAMI

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Excited to be recording for a "3-5 MINUTE VR EXPERIENCE"!!! #SCADclc #SCAD #VR #VirtualReality #Saxophone #Yamaha #Recording #GettingFamous #BehindTheScenes #Neumann #Music #RecordingStudio #MusicSupervisor #Illini #MissingMusicSchool #GradSchool #SoundDesign #AllTheHashtags

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#scad #VR musical "Say it with Music" world premiere today @savfilmfest @SCADdotedu — what a crew!

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A #behindthescenes image from one of the most fascinating projects I've ever worked on. About 6 months ago, I was asked to co-write the #screenplay for a #virtualreality narrative #film. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said yes. I wrote the screenplay with @chadwickharman, became lead #producer of the entire project and worked with 84 insanely talented people to create something that we are so proud of.

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Go Behind the Screen at 2017 aTVfest

Celebrate design, creativity and innovation in television and digital media at the fifth annual SCAD aTVfest in Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 2–4, 2017.

Join industry-leading producers, directors, writers, actors and more for screenings, panels and workshops exploring the present and future of televised entertainment.

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Google CLC Fall 2015 Proof of Concept video

This animated proof of concept video walks the viewer through the student-created solution, Local. Created by a team of SCAD students (Xudan Zhou, Maria De La Vega, Andrew Wagenhals and Lucia Cozzi), Local is an app prototype that informs relocating young professionals about residential, transportation, dining and leisure options in other cities. It allows the user to easily compare cost of living and job opportunities, personalized to lifestyle and budget.

Concept design for animation and games minor

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The end an amazing Open Studio with the SCAD Lacoste Painting Crew keeping it real! #scadlacoste #openstudio #studiolife #contemporaryart #art #contemporarypainting #painting #crew #scad #landscape #goldenguystudios

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