How do I pay my enrollment fee?

You may pay the enrollment fee online at

How much is the meal plan?

There are a variety of meal plans to choose from at a range of costs. You can view your options and pricing at

How do I pay my housing deposit?

As a newly accepted student, you will pay the housing reservation fee through your MySCAD account. Login to your MySCAD account, then navigate to the New Student tab > New Student Task List and select the payment you would like to make.

How much does housing cost?

Housing costs vary depending on the type of residence hall you live in. You can see a breakdown of housing costs at or within each residence hall description available at

How do transfer credits work? How many can I transfer? Will they transfer from my school? What classes should I take?

Transfer students have the opportunity to bring up to two years of college credit from another institution to SCAD. Once a student applies, he or she should send official transcripts from every college attended to his or her admission adviser. The adviser will have the transcripts evaluated, and a transfer credit report will be made within two weeks after an admission decision has been made. In addition, the transfer adviser will work with the applicants to decide which classes to take at their local college that will transfer to SCAD. Transfer evaluations are done on a course-by-course basis.

Do you accept dual enrollment?

Yes, we accept dual-enrollment credits. If the student hasn't graduated from high school but has taken college coursework, he or she will still apply as a freshman, but the college transcripts will be reviewed for credit after he or she has applied and has been assigned to an adviser.

What should be included in a visual portfolio?

Visual portfolios should include between 10 to 20 pieces of a student's best work. See the full list of visual portfolio guidelines at

What type of portfolio can I submit and how do I do it?

Applicants may submit a visual portfolio, a writing portfolio, a riding portfolio or an audition. Portfolios should be uploaded to Please review the portfolio guidelines for additional information at

How do I submit my portfolio?

Applicants should submit portfolios using the online file management system SlideRoom. From, applicants can upload still images, Word documents, digital and multimedia files, and find instructions for creating a corresponding inventory of work in the portfolio (required) including titles, dates, media, dimensions and specific responsibilities on group projects, if applicable. A fee of US$10 is charged by SlideRoom for each portfolio submission. For more information, visit

I am applying as an undergraduate student. Is a portfolio required?

A portfolio isn't required for undergraduate admission, but you are encouraged to submit one for scholarship consideration. It does not have to be related to your intended major and should consist of your very best work. You can learn more at