Geoffrey Fletcher on SCAD Leadership

"Against magnificent odds, President Wallace has built something unique, alive and enduring. Her story is an inspiration."

Dave Walvoord on SCAD Leadership

"I've visited so many universities over the years and I have never seen a program that I think is so dedicated to putting their students first and giving them the best opportunity to succeed …"


Relive the celebration: SCAD 2015 Commencement

Join Paula S. Wallace, SCAD founder and president, for the 2015 commencement ceremony as John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, delivers an exhilarating keynote address.

Kent Knowles

Khoi Vo on INDS Cydney Clinton success story

“It’s a wonderful affirmation of her work, and it speaks volumes about the interior design department’s ability to prepare students for their profession.”


SCAD graphic design alumnus Kyle Hinton

Old-fashioned production techniques and vintage-looking packaging best describe the shaving and sensitive-skin products from Prospector Co., founded in Savannah, Georgia, by alumnus Kyle Hinton (B.F.A. graphic design).


Marc Abraham and Elizabeth Olsen at Savannah Film Festival

A director’s job is to elicit the best performance from actors. Often, simply letting them bring their own unique talents and instincts to bear draws out the authenticity that movie fans crave.