Savannah Film Festival 2011

Honored guests at the Savannah Film Festival answer the question, “What defines an artist?”

Savannah Film Festival 2010

Watch interview snapshots by the event's honored guests. This festival brings world-renowned filmmakers, producers, actors, journalists and film enthusiasts together for eight days of feature films, lectures, workshops, panels and competition films.

Savannah Film Festival 2009

Watch interview snapshots by actors Hugh Dancy, Alan Cumming, Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, Patricia Clarkson, Emmy Rossum, Scott Caan and Nick Moran.

Michelle Monaghan at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Michelle Monaghan loves the elements of independent film, and she uses fear as a gauge for a project’s worthiness.

John Gatins at Savannah Film Festival

Screenwriter John Gatins’ training as an actor has served him well when he pitches story lines as a writer.

Diane Lane at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Diane Lane reflects on the start of her career as a young woman in avant garde theater and how acting is a collaborative, team sport. She received a SCAD Outstanding Achievement in Cinema Award.

Gabourey Sidibe at Savannah Film Festival

Actress Gabourey Sidibe talks about being liberated by her Oscar nomination and learning from her coworkers.

Adam Shankman at Savannah Film Festival

Adam Shankman — producer, director, dancer, actor — takes about creating adaptations and being mindful of why you got into the movie business in the first place.

Jeffrey Walker at aTVfest

Director Jeffrey Walker talks about his love of television series, the increasing number of ways television is being distributed and finding creative voice through collaboration.

James Gandolfini at Savannah Film Festival

Actor James Gandolfini talks about how he got into acting, learning to prepare for scenes quickly and the importance of being flexible.