SCAD Commencement 2015 in Atlanta

SCAD Commencement 2015 in Savannah, 4pm ceremony

SCAD Commencement 2015 in Savannah, 1pm ceremony

An interview with Harrison Scott Key

Dr. Harrison Scott Key is the author of "The World's Largest Man," a riotous, tender story of a bookish Mississippi boy and his flawed, Bunyanesque father.

SCAD Savannah 2015 Valedictorian Stephanie O'Brien

B.F.A. jewelry and objects alumna Stephanie O'Brien is valedictorian of the SCAD Savannah Class of 2015.

SCAD Commencement 2015 in Savannah, 9am ceremony

The SCAD community celebrates Commencement 2015 in Savannah with speaker John Lasseter and the Presidential Conferment of Degrees ceremony.

Savannah Film Studios is good by Greg Brunkalla

"Savannah Film Studios is just as good or better than any facilities we work in professionally."

For me, it's always the students by Clark DeLashmet

"For me, it's always the students. Watching them adapt and bring this remarkable creativity that just comes from everywhere, it's amazing."

Xu Bing

SCAD deFINE ART 2015 honoree and artist Xu Bing discusses why he thinks museums such as the SCAD Museum of Art are an important asset for budding artists, as a place to find inspiration, focus one’s passions and foster fearlessness.

SCAD Savannah 2014 Valedictorian Rebecca Lemker

Rebecca Lemker (B.F.A., graphic design and illustration, 2014), who focuses on art for purpose, wants to design smartphone interactions.