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SCAD Fashion Show 2014

SCAD students bring "Authenticity" to ICFF


From the first time I saw the early renderings of the “Authenticity” exhibit being designed for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York (May 17 - 20) by 20 Savannah College of Art and Design students and three faculty members from three academic programs – furniture design, interior design and fibers – I had to ask: “What is it?”

As the only non-designer in the room, I kept this question to myself thinking, "Perhaps I missed the point." But, guided by the students and their leaders, professors George Perez, Jessica Smith and Charles Boggs, I became keenly aware of how I was experiencing design.

I got closer and started playing with the individual pieces of the exhibition – the beams, the etched faceplates and the augmented reality app. As you’ll see in this video tour of the installation, lead by Sharra Culp (B.F.A., interior design), asking that question then interacting with the installation was exactly the point.

While at ICFF, I had the pleasure of meeting Sharra and the other talented students who are responsible for “Authenticity”:

Yuliana Alvarado (M. F. A., furniture design)
Heidi Blair (B. F. A., furniture design
Sharra Culp (B. F. A.,  interior design)
Maria Gardon (B. F. A., interior design)
Carla Gonzalez (B. F. A., fibers)
Annabelle Guldner (B. F. A., interior design)
Caroline Hanson (B. F. A., fibers)
Killian Hlava (B. F. A., fibers)
Shawn Horsey (B. F. A., furniture design)
Kaitlyn Maloney (B. F. A., furniture design)
Riley Mate (B. F. A.,  fibers)
Eny Parker (M. F. A., furniture design)
Jake Rowe (B. F. A., interior design)
Alin Saenz (B. F. A., fibers)
Shanmuga Selvaraj (M. F. A., interior design)
Tanner Svoboda (M. F. A., furniture design)
Peony Tsang (B. F. A., interior design
Emma Wood (B. F. A., fibers)
Elizabeth Bull (B.F.A., fibers)
Suzanne Nelson (B.F.A., furniture design)

Here they are at work on the installation.

Jose Mallabo currently leads PR and Marketing for SCAD and has spent 23 years leading communications programs and strategies for companies and clients like eBay, LinkedIn, FedEx, HP, Xerox and Kodak. He has launched corporate blogs for eBay, GSI Commerce and set the strategy for the launch and creation of Thread. Follow him on Twitter @JoseMallabo.

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SCAD Commencement 2014 in Atlanta


The live webcast of the 2014 ceremony begins at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 31

May 31 | Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Ballroom

  • 5 p.m. Doors open
  • 6 p.m. Presidential Conferment of Degrees

For complete information about the ceremony, including additional details for arriving guests, download the 2014 Atlanta commencement brochure.

SCAD Commencement 2014 in Savannah


The live webcast of the 2014 ceremonies begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 31

May 31 | Savannah Civic Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Arena