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What is the climate like at SCAD?

In Savannah, winter temperatures average 49 degrees Fahrenheit, summer temperatures average 82 degrees and average rainfall is 49 inches. In Atlanta, winter temperatures average 41 degrees Fahrenheit, summer temperatures average 79 degrees and average rainfall is 51 inches. In Hong Kong, winter temperatures average 60 degrees Fahrenheit, summer temperatures average 90 degrees and average rainfall is 94 inches.

How can I obtain information about the TOEFL, IELTS or ACTFL examination?

Information regarding these examinations, including testing dates and fees, is available online. When you take the test, request that your score be sent directly to SCAD. SCAD's TOEFL institution code is 5631.

How do I get transfer credit at SCAD?

Transfer credit may be awarded to students who have already completed college-level courses. Credit is awarded only from accredited institutions or institutions recognized by the ministry of education or equivalent agency in the student's home country.

The university awards a maximum of two years worth of transfer credits to a student. Students must submit their academic transcripts for a transfer credit review. To ensure that the maximum amount is awarded, it is recommended that students include course descriptions and syllabi from all classes they wish to transfer. Additionally, a portfolio review may be required to award transfer credit for drawing, painting or other studio coursework.

How do I apply for a scholarship or fellowship?

Applicants are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility based on materials submitted. Scholarships and fellowships are awarded to accepted international students based on academic and other achievements.

Can I receive financial aid or scholarships?

Because of U.S. government restrictions, international students are not eligible for U.S. financial aid in the form of personal grants, loans or work-study funds, but university-funded work-study jobs are available at some locations. SCAD offers some scholarships for international students; however, these do not fully cover the cost of tuition or living expenses. International students must have sufficient financial resources for the full course of study. The Student Financial Assistance Agency of Hong Kong covers certain types of financial aid for eligible Hong Kong residents, including the Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (NLS) and Student Travel Subsidy Scheme.

Are there application deadlines? When will I know if my application has been accepted?

Application materials are due at least 30 days prior to the start of the quarter in which the student intends to enroll. The Admission Review Committee may make a decision on your application as soon as all the required information is received. For SCAD Savannah and SCAD Atlanta students, an I-20 application for a student visa may be issued only after a student has been accepted and has provided the required certification of financial support. SCAD Hong Kong students may begin the visa application process after receiving acceptance to SCAD. New students may enter at the beginning of any quarter, although graduate students are strongly encouraged to begin their studies in the fall quarter.

I'd like to visit SCAD. When can I come?

The best way to learn more about SCAD is to visit! Daily tours are offered Monday through Saturday in Savannah and Atlanta, and Monday through Friday and select Saturdays in Hong Kong. SCAD Days are offered throughout the year. During these special visitation days you may take a tour, learn about the admission process, and meet with admission advisers, faculty, and other prospective students.

Am I required to live in SCAD housing? Where can I find information about off-campus housing?

Living in university residence halls gives students the opportunity to experience personal growth and form lasting friendships. SCAD residential communities celebrate diversity and foster educational, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural development. Students are not required to reside in SCAD housing; however, SCAD scholarship amounts for undergraduate students vary according to the students' choice of residing in SCAD housing or residing off campus.

How do I register for classes as a transfer student?

Upon acceptance, transfer students work with transfer advisers in the admission department to determine how earned college credit may apply toward degree requirements at SCAD and to register for first-quarter classes. Enrolled transfer students are assigned a student success adviser and a faculty adviser appropriate to their chosen major. They are required to meet with their student success adviser their first quarter of enrollment and once a year thereafter. Transfer students also should meet with their faculty adviser on a quarterly basis.