SCAD Equestrian Studies

Whether you're interested in earning your degree in equestrian studies, competing at the college level or simply remaining immersed in equestrian culture while pursuing a degree in art and design, you belong at SCAD.

M.A. in historic preservation

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Where can I find out about virtual information sessions?

You can view upcoming dates for virtual information sessions and register to participate via the admission events calendar.

When should I apply, and when are the application deadlines?

SCAD accepts applications year-round for all quarters, so there are no firm deadlines to apply. It is recommended, however, that students apply at least six months in advance to allow time to arrange for financial aid and no later than 30 days prior to the start of the quarter. Fall quarter is the most popular quarter; it has the most applications and the most course offerings. Early application is encouraged if you wish to enroll in fall quarter.

Still have questions?

The making of the SCAD catalog cover

Meet SCAD photography alumnus Justin Chan and delve into the making of the 2016-17 SCAD catalog cover. Three concepts of colorful inks reacting to sound, motion and water were explored, leading to the final image.


Invention at SCAD

With a culture of collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach to education, SCAD sets the stage for students to become trailblazers, game changers and originators of meaningful, impactful solutions. The union of cutting-edge technology and a boundless creative atmosphere catalyzes invention.


"The Buzz" teaser

Go behind the scenes at “The Buzz,” an original sitcom filmed before a live studio audience from the SCAD School of Entertainment Arts, Studio A and SCADdered TV. Produced by Mark Tymchyshyn, Andra Reeve-Rabb, Greg Smith and Neil Short, this sitcom follows the story of three unlucky guys navigating post-college life with the help of their friends at the local coffee shop. See them learn that life isn’t always grande.


La Grande Parade at SCAD Lacoste

Larger-than-life marionettes created by SCAD alumni fill the streets of Lacoste in a joyous summer celebration of color and creativity inspired by the vibrant history of Provence.