Savannah Film Studios is good by Greg Brunkalla

"Savannah Film Studios is just as good or better than any facilities we work in professionally."

For me, it's always the students by Clark DeLashmet

"For me, it's always the students. Watching them adapt and bring this remarkable creativity that just comes from everywhere, it's amazing."


Xu Bing

SCAD deFINE ART 2015 honoree and artist Xu Bing discusses why he thinks museums such as the SCAD Museum of Art are an important asset for budding artists, as a place to find inspiration, focus one’s passions and foster fearlessness.


SCAD Savannah 2014 Valedictorian Rebecca Lemker

Rebecca Lemker (B.F.A., graphic design and illustration, 2014), who focuses on art for purpose, wants to design smartphone interactions.


SCAD Savannah 2014 Excelsus Laureate Tabish Ahmed

Tabish Ahmed (M.A., interactive design and game development, 2014) wants to design tools to make people more creative.


SCAD Savannah 2014 Salutatorian Olivier Maene

Olivier Maene (B.F.A., architectural history, 2014) will help architects and urban planners determine relationships with the past as they build the future.


SCAD Atlanta 2014 Valedictorian Benjamin Silva

A fine artist at heart, Benjamin Silva (B.F.A., motion media design, 2014) wants to ride the wave of technology and inspire others to create meaningful, beautiful work.


SCAD Atlanta 2014 Salutatorian Ramona Randolph

Ramona Randolph (B.F.A., interior design, 2014) talks about being a nontraditional student and how interior designers are editors of constraint — making things work around things that cannot be changed.


SCAD Atlanta 2014 Excelsus Laureate Denise Plauché

Denise Plauche (M.F.A., illustration, 2014) believes that it can never hurt to return to the simplicity and innocence of childhood, and the wonder of seeing things for the first time.


SCAD Hong Kong 2014 Valedictorian Katrina Teh

Katrina Teh (B.F.A., illustration, 2014) believes that, “Art and design speak to our humanity, whether that is the way we love, the way we mourn or simply the way we live.”