Meet Kara Roberts, luxury and fashion management alumna and humanitarian

Kara Roberts began cultivating her interest in fashion as a child when she briefly lived in New York City, near Madison Avenue. Although she enjoyed wandering the bustling fashion district, she didn't even consider pursuing a related career. "At the time, I thought it was actually a little too shallow of a profession for me," Kara says.

Meet Madeline Rupert, sequential art alumna and webcomic author

Madeline Rupert, or Mad, has been drawing since she can remember, but she made her first forays into storytelling as a teenager. Early in high school, she penned a couple of lengthy fantasy novels-which she now laughs off as her "space operas" - prominently featuring angels and demons. "Pretty much everything I thought was cool at the time was just smushed together," Mad says.

Meet Ramona Todoca, graphic design alumna and art director for New York City ad agency

Ramona Todoca grew up in Romania, where she discovered a love for writing at an early age. Later, at an arts high school, she cultivated an interest in painting and drawing, and decided to combine her love for typography and imagery by pursuing an education in graphic design. "I applied to several art colleges and I was accepted to all of them," says Ramona, "but by far, SCAD was the one that clearly differentiated itself from all the others."

Meet Deepti Kundra, design management student and design associate for Chicago-based company

Before coming to SCAD, Deepti Kundra spent several years working as an assistant director for both the BBC in India and for the Bollywood film industry before she went on to work in visual merchandising. Deepti's previous specialty was design, and she realized while working in other fields how much she missed the discipline.

Meet Iona Gonsalves, fibers alumna and jewelry designer

Iona Gonsalves first began pursuing textile design in her home country of India, where she traveled to various craft sectors to research traditional fabric arts. Her first foray into this kind of anthropological skill building was in Kollam, where she lived briefly. There, she learned lace making from the older artisans of the area, many of whom had lost their eyesight, but were still able to perform the intricate maneuvers of their craft from memory.

Meet Christine Selvia, accessory design alumna and footwear stylist

Christine Selvia recently earned a B.F.A. in the accessory design program. She originally planned to major in illustration; when the accessory design major launched, she switched degree tracks immediately. "I decided that it would be a wonderful step for me because it's such a niche career field," Christine says. "There are only two programs in the country, this being one of them."

Meet Sam Spratt: New York-based freelance illustrator, SCAD alum and poster child for creative career success

"Art … can be as horrifically worthless or as earth-shakingly important as you make it. When given the opportunity to learn from people better than you, smarter than you, more experienced than you-when you're given the latest tools and knowledge base-and when you're encouraged to freely explore how to create with them, you have the best chance possible to walk a life with that terribly vague word: art." - Sam Spratt

SCAD to host national foundations in art conference

Savannah College of Art and Design is proud to announce it will host "postHaus," the national conference of the Foundations in Art: Theory and Education association, FATE, April 3-6, at the Hyatt Regency, 2 W. Bay St.