Special collections

The Archives and Special Collections at Atlanta

The library's special collections include 964 rare books on art-related topics, dating from the 17th through the 21st century, as well as a renowned collection of artists' books. Library users may access special collections by appointment Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment for individuals, or for group presentations, send an email or call 404.253.3196.

The Artist Book Collection in Atlanta

Savannah College of Art Design's ACA Library in Atlanta owns a premier collection of more than 2,000 artists' books — works of art that experiment with the potential of the book. The genre includes immense diversity in shape, medium and content. SCAD's collection reflects this variety containing unique creations by individual artists and items from fine arts alike. Works from more than 1,000 artists active from the 1960s through the contemporary era are represented. SCAD's collection is unique in that it holds the largest collection of books printed by Nexus Press, a fine arts press that was once in Atlanta and a hub for artist's book production.


SCAD Libraries believe strongly in artists' books as a teaching resource. The library offers subject specific classes each quarter to a wide variety of majors. Students, faculty and the public can make appointments to visit the collection, interact with the books and, in doing so, to gain inspiration for their own creative projects.

Events and lectures

The library hosts an annual Artist's Book Symposium each spring, which includes lectures, presentations and workshops related to the study of book arts. In conjunction with the symposium, students have the opportunity to take part in the Student Artist's Book Competition and compete to win one of three purchase prizes and a spot in the permanent collection.

The Archives and Special Collections at Jen Library

The Jen Library's Archives and Special Collections include a number of topical collections of rare and unique materials. The largest collection is the Don Bluth Collection of Animation, which contains the cels, drawings, storyboards and administrative papers of the studio and materials for feature productions and games, as well as concepts and ideas. Book collections include artists' books and art press books, pop-up books, local history materials, limited editions, and rare books on artists, architects and art movements. Manuscript collections include the published records of SCAD, the papers of Myrtle Jones, a local Savannah artist, collections of fashion materials, stereo views and postcards of Savannah, and of memorabilia from the old Hotel De Soto. The library also houses a large collection of comic books and limited edition or rare graphic novels. Departmental periodical titles include older issues of serials in the circulating collection, as well as titles that are housed only in Special Collections. The Access Services department houses current theses, but these are relocated to Special Collections after five years.


The Archives and Special Collections Department of the Savannah College of Art and Design maintains non-circulating collections of unique, valuable and significant original works in relevant areas of study housed in the Jen Library on the third floor. The department supports a wide range of research and teaching in the fine and applied arts. While the items acquired may vary greatly in format and topical interest, all materials in the collection are considered to have notable value to SCAD programs. The purpose of Special Collections is to preserve these materials within a secure environment where their availability to the SCAD community and to the general public can be ensured for current and future generations.

Schedule a class visit

We are happy to share our collections with classes. To schedule a class visit to view the Don Bluth Collection of Animation, the Artist's Books, facsimiles, local history sources or other materials in the department, contact us.

Plan your visit

Archives and Special Collections will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., during fall, winter and spring quarters.

During summer quarter and holiday breaks, Archives and Special Collections will be open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.