Graduate thesis submissions

If you are a graduate student submitting a thesis, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 912.525.6315 with any questions related to your thesis.

For a comprehensive list of thesis requirements, visit the graduate studies website, located under the Resources tab on MySCAD.

Undergraduate thesis submissions

Undergraduates may submit their theses at the library during normal operating hours. For a detailed list of thesis requirements, see below. Contact Laura DeBrabander by email at in Savannah or by phone at 912.525.4709 with any additional questions.

Library archiving standards for undergraduate theses

Compliance with the following guidelines will be verified by the thesis coordinator:

  • Paper quality — Theses must be printed on at least 20-pound bond paper of at least 25 percent cotton rag (heavier bond requires a slightly wider left margin).
  • Margins — Margins must be 1" at top, right and bottom, and 1½" on the left side.
  • Blank pages — An unnumbered blank page should be placed at the beginning and end of the thesis document and materials.
  • Signature page — A signature page, identical in format to the sample signature page in the Student Handbook, must be included. This page is unnumbered and includes a signature line for each committee member, with the committee member's name, title, thesis committee role and date. Original dated signatures are required. Signatures are listed in the following order: committee chair, topic consultant and editor (if applicable).
  • Title page — A title page of the style and format illustrated in the Student Handbook is required. This page should be unnumbered.
  • Thesis abstract — If a thesis abstract is required by the individual department, it must follow the title page, be paginated (unless department indicates otherwise in its departmental requirements) and included in the table of contents.
  • Submission forms — A "Thesis Submission and Release Form" must be completed and signed by students. This form is submitted with the thesis and is available at the Jen Library.
  • Bindery fee — A bindery fee of $12 (cash or check) is required at the time of submission. Checks should be made out to SCAD.

The information listed here is intended to address library standards for archiving and retention of theses. Questions about issues not addressed in these standards should be directed to the individual departmental guidelines.