Extension of student visa

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Extension of student visa

It is the students' responsibility to take note of their visa's expiration date and to renew it on time. The expiration date is on your visa page.

Please start the process one month before your student visa expires. Here are the steps to extend your visa:

  • Email your intended length of stay.
  • Receive the visa extension application and guidelines.
  • Collect enrollment confirmation letter from Student Success Office.
  • Submit the application form and the confirmation letter issued by SCAD to the Hong Kong immigration department in person. Bring your passport.
  • The immigration department will issue a receipt stating the date and time you must return to collect your visa label, usually scheduled for two weeks later. On the day of your appointment, bring HK$160 visa fee in cash, the receipt from the immigration department and your passport.
  • Immediately affix the label on a blank visa page of your passport.
  • Present your passport with the new label to Student Success for validation.

You must be physically in Hong Kong on the date of submission and the date of collection of the visa label. If you will be out of town on either or both of the dates, you should apply for early visa extension. Send an email for assistance.