Suspicious person, package or substance

If you notice a suspicious person, package or substance, take these steps:


  • Do not provide unauthorized individuals access to buildings and offices or allow them to follow you into controlled access areas.
  • Do not physically confront the person or block his or her access to an exit.
  • Call the Department of University Safety and provide as much information as possible about the person and his or her direction of travel.

Package or substance

  • Do not touch or disturb the item or material.
  • Call the Department of University Safety.
  • Notify others and evacuate the immediate area.
  • Assist disabled individuals to safe refuge areas.
  • Once you are out of the building, move a safe distance away and follow the safety officials' instructions.
  • Do not re-enter the building until directed to do so by emergency personnel.

Bomb threat

If you should receive a threat about an explosive in your immediate area, follow this procedure:

  • Note any identifying information about the threat and any details about the device.
  • Evacuate immediately and move away from the hazard.
  • Call 911 and the Department of University Safety.
  • Follow the instructions of public safety officials and emergency personnel.
  • Do not touch anything as you evacuate.
  • Report any suspicious items, actions or individuals to authorities.

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To arrange a SafeRide, call 404.253.3333 in Atlanta or 912.525.4500 in Savannah.