Hurricanes watches and warnings

Emergency preparedness

Hurricanes watches and warnings

Some of the following information is courtesy of "FEMA: Hurricane Background and Preparedness Information."

A hurricane watch is issued when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 24-36 hours. A hurricane warning is issued when hurricane conditions (winds of 74 miles per hour or greater, or dangerously high water and rough seas) are expected within 24 hours.

During a hurricane watch

  • Monitor Web, radio or television for hurricane progress reports.
  • Check this Web site for updates from the university administration.
  • Check emergency supplies.
  • Fuel car.
  • Bring in outdoor objects, such as lawn furniture, toys and garden tools, and anchor objects that cannot be brought inside.
  • Review your evacuation plan.

During a hurricane warning

  • Closely monitor Web, radio or television for official instructions.
  • If possible, check this Web site for updates from SCAD administration.
  • Store valuables and personal papers in a waterproof container on the highest level of your home.

Additional steps for preparing for hurricane watches and warnings are available in the Chatham Emergency Management Agency's Hurricane Action Guide.