Hurricane Irma FAQs

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Due to the current weather predictions forecasting the path of Hurricane Irma, the SCAD Savannah campus will be closed beginning Friday, Sept. 8 for the duration of the storm. For this reason, SCAD will relocate on-campus Savannah students who cannot leave on their own to the Atlanta campus.

Student relocation FAQs

What can I bring on the bus?
Begin to prepare your belongings now, which are strictly limited to one pillow, blanket, sheet, and carry-on bag. Certified service animals will only be transported with proper documentation.

Where do I board a bus for relocation?
Buses will load at The Hive starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Is there an evacuation order in effect?
No. There is not currently an official evacuation order in effect, SCAD is relocating students as a precaution.

Will be there food on the buses?
Water will be provided on the buses.

Do I have to relocate with SCAD?
Students are encouraged to self-evacuate, if at all possible. On campus residents who cannot relocate themselves are eligible for transport to the Atlanta campus.

What if I'm not on campus, can I still go with SCAD?
Off-campus students who have no other means of leaving are encouraged to make their own plans to relocate.

Where are we relocating to?
Buses will take Savannah students to the SCAD Atlanta campus.

Will SCAD Savannah buildings be open?
Entry will not be permitted into any residence halls or academic buildings beginning Friday, Sept. 8.

When are we returning?
Until we the storm passes and we've assessed any potential damage, we will not be able to give a definitive return date.


Academic calendar FAQ

Will the SCAD 2017 Fall quarter end on time?
At this time, we plan to use select Fridays to make up classes and end the quarter as scheduled on Nov. 16, 2017, but until the storm has passed and any damage is assessed, we cannot say definitively. As of now, there is no change to the Winter quarter dates.

Which campuses will have a delayed start of the quarter?
SCAD Savannah, Atlanta and eLearning will postpone opening. SCAD Hong Kong and SCAD Lacoste will start as scheduled.

Can I get reimbursed for travel change fees?
We suggest you contact your airline, rental car and/or hotel to discuss their individual reimbursement policy. If an official letter from the university regarding the postponed start of the quarter can be of assistance with making any changes, we are happy to provide one through your student success adviser.

Will the orientation schedule change?
Until we know the full impact of the storm, we will not be able to share a definitive schedule. More information will be shared as soon as possible. At this time, we will delay the start of Fall orientation by one week.

What if I am already on campus?
At this time, both Savannah and Atlanta campuses will remain open and operate on a regular schedule, including transportation and food services. If you have any concerns, please check with your Residence Life staff.

What if I cannot arrive by the first day of classes?
Our attendance policy will remain in effect and we encourage students to contact their student success advisor to discuss any issues with starting on the 18th of September versus the 11th.

Is Savannah or Atlanta under an evacuation order?
No, there is not currently an official evacuation order in place. SCAD has a comprehensive evacuation plan should an official evacuation order go into effect. As student safety is our top concern, we are delaying the start of the quarter as a precaution.

When will we hear more information?
SCAD is working with local and state emergency authorities to closely monitor the storm. If there is any change in university operations, we will send an update via email and text.

Is there a chance that classes will not start on the new date, Sept. 18?
Our plan is to start on that date, but will announce any changes as the weather system evolves.