Emergency notifications

Emergency preparedness

Emergency notifications

Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is a Web-based method of rapidly notifying all SCAD students, faculty and staff through recorded messages via telephone and email when a crisis or emergency situation arises. The system is activated by the communications department to deliver news and information, such as school closures or recommended evacuation routes, to the SCAD community as quickly as possible.

This system relies on current contact information provided by students, faculty and staff. All members of the SCAD community need to keep their information updated in MySCAD to ensure delivery of emergency messages.

Web support

In the event of a closure of SCAD or an evacuation, this website will continue to function as an important source of information.

Further questions about crisis preparedness may be directed to SCAD communications. (Note: This email address will not be functional in the event of a crisis.)

Notifications of closure

Either the president or the executive vice president may authorize the closing of SCAD facilities or evacuation of the residence halls prior to a mandatory evacuation order issued by CEMA. In the event of such an occurrence, students will be notified in the above outlined methods of communication.