Residence halls

ACA Residence Hall of SCAD

Named in honor of the Atlanta College of Art, ACA Residence Hall is located at 1280 Peachtree St. It offers apartment-style housing with private bedrooms for approximately 150 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students.

Spring House

Spring House sits just two blocks from SCAD Atlanta. Formerly a hotel, Spring House features a computer lab, common rooms, a cardio room, laundry facilities, game/TV rooms, a swimming pool and on-site parking. A meal plan is required.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences

Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences serves as the university's official housing option for students enrolled at SCAD Hong Kong. It offers apartment-style living quarters featuring three-bedroom arrangements with two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room and living room.

Maison Pitot

The Maison Pitot complex of faculty and student housing features a charming patio garden as well as a partially covered courtyard where students can relax at the end of the day.

Barnard Village

This three-story, coeducational building provides apartment-style living for approximately 290 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students and is located at 3121 Barnard St.

Boundary Village

This three-story, coeducational residence complex houses approximately 380 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students and is located at 701 W. Jones St. Boundary Village offers apartment-style living with private bedrooms for four students.

D at The Hive

The two-story residence hall is coeducational by wing and provides students with double-occupancy rooms that include a private bathroom, twin-size beds, drafting table, stool, and dresser/chest of drawers for each student. Students have cable television service and Internet...

Montgomery House

This four-story, coeducational building houses approximately 500 transfer, graduate and upperclassmen students at 3515 Montgomery St. SCAD’s newest residence hall, Montgomery House opened in Fall 2013. It offers suite-style living with accommodations for four students.

Oglethorpe House

Formerly a six-story motor inn, Oglethorpe House is now a residence hall for approximately 400 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students and is located at 201 W. Oglethorpe Ave. It is coeducational by wing.

Pulaski House

The Savannah chapter of the Jewish Educational Alliance erected this facility on Pulaski Square in 1914. It was later used as a church, a lodge and a shelter for homeless women and children.

The Terrace

This two-story, coeducational apartment community houses approximately 400 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students and is located at 128B E. 63rd St. The Terrace offers apartment-style living with one-bedroom apartments for two students and two-bedroom apartments for ...

Turner House

Surrounding a center courtyard, this 570-bed residence hall has double-occupancy rooms with private baths and is coeducational by wing.

Turner House Annex

Turner House Annex is a two-story building that houses approximately 175 students in double-occupancy rooms. It is coeducational by wing.

W at The Hive

W at the Hive provides double-occupancy rooms for approximately 350 first-year freshmen students and is located at 231 W. Boundary St. It is coeducational by wing.