What do I need to do to be considered for graduation?

All students should apply for graduation two quarters prior to expected completion of their degree. Students must complete an application online through MySCAD.

Do I still need to apply if I will not participate in the ceremony?

Yes. Any student who wants to have their degree awarded must apply to graduate. If you decide not to participate in the commencement ceremony, we will need to remove your name from our lists. Contact your graduation auditor immediately.

Note: "Graduation" and "graduating" are not the same. The commencement ceremony is often referred to as "graduation." This is a ceremony only and is the day when students are acknowledged and have the ceremonial conferment of their degree. No diplomas are handed out at this event. It is to be considered a day of celebration.

Will I need tickets?

Yes, tickets are required.

Students participating at SCAD Savannah will receive four tickets for the Presidential Conferment of Degrees Ceremony and seven tickets for their Presentation of Degrees Ceremony.

Students participating at SCAD Atlanta and SCAD Hong Kong will receive six tickets for the Presidential Conferment of Degrees Ceremony.

The number of tickets per student is based on the number of participants versus the number of available seats for the audience. Join the SCAD commencement Facebook event to connect with fellow graduating students if you are looking to secure or share extra tickets.

For more information about picking up tickets, visit the graduation blog.

Can I bring my cellphone, camera, purse or bag, or food and drinks to the ceremony?

No food or drinks are allowed. All cellphones must be turned off during the ceremonies. You cannot take pictures during the ceremony. Purses and bags are not allowed since there is no place for you to leave them. Anything you have with you must fit in a pocket under your gown.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about my eligibility to graduate?

For questions regarding your graduation audit, eligibility to graduate or eligibility to participate in the ceremony, you may contact your graduation auditor. Use your SCAD email account for all correspondence.