Pfriem Terrace

Lofty, rock-lined ledges and verdant terrace gardens afford sweeping views of the Luberon Valley, with its patchwork lavender meadows, golden fields of towering sunflowers and meandering country roads. Ideal for outdoor entertaining, almost all of the village's outdoor spaces, including the Pfriem Terrace, provide ample room for visitors and guests to mingle comfortably. SCAD Lacoste students often use these open areas as impromptu studio spaces, perfect for painting, drawing and dramatic performance. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists frequented Provence, finding inspiration in its light and landscape. To the west of Lacoste lies the vineyard-rich valley of the Rhone, where van Gogh spent his greatest creative years. To the southeast is the countryside around Aix-en-Provence, where Cezanne turned landscape painting into a new vision of reality. Regional commerce and trade also abound in the area. The nearby town of Apt is home to the longest-running market in all of France.

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