Pepe Hall

Pepe Hall


212 W. Taylor St.
Savannah, Georgia


Pepe Hall has 20,500 square feet of space dedicated to the study of fibers. The facility includes three classrooms, two graduate studios, two weaving studios, a conference and resource room, a CAD weaving lab, sewing lab featuring Juki and Bernina sewing machines and a Brother PR620 embroidering machine, felting and paper making lab, a screen printing lab, a dye kitchen with induction burners, two bullet steamers, and a dye-mixing box, a Mimaki Textile Jet printer for digital textile printing, two large format printers, three weaving studios, and a Jacquard loom and 24 floor looms, felters and presses.

Images from the facility

Fibers students explore color, material and structure in the design and execution of apparel and home interior textiles using one of the weaving labs.

The dye kitchen features burners, steamers and a dye mixing box.

Visitors at Open Studio night are given demonstrations of weaving techniques by students.

Studio classrooms allow for critiques and review by peers and professors of work in progress.

More than 20 floor looms, felters and presses are available to students.

SCAD fibers students practice design-making and replications on computers during class.

The Jacquard loom allows students to fashion intricate designs.

The dye lab at Pepe Hall can use artificial and natural light for students to evaluate colors in a variety of conditions.

The foyer at Pepe Hall is a showcase for highlighting student design work in fabrics.