Fahm Hall

Fahm Hall, SCAD Savannah


1 N. Fahm St.
Savannah, Georgia


Built in 1970, this 13,562-square-foot facility was originally the home of Ivan Allen office supply and interior design firm, later purchased by Joseph Byrd and Associates, a stock photography company next door. SCAD acquired the space in 2001 and is now home to the jewelry and objects department. It features technology that enables students to fabricate, cast, finish, enamel, laser weld, anodize, electroplate, electroform, smith silver and set stones. Tools include LaserStar Compact and LaserStar workstations for laser welding, ROD Induction Heating Solution for casting, a microscope system, a Stratasys Dimension SST 1200 printer for ABS plastic, two Solidscape T66 was printers, two Roland JWX-10 milling machines, and four advanced SensAble pens for digital sculpting, among other tools.

Images from the facility

From sketching to prototyping, metals and jewelry students focus on conceptual thinking, innovation and craftsmanship.

Metals and jewelry students learn the necessary skills to explore precision casting at the Fahm Hall facility.

Fully-equipped work spaces allow students to experiment and develop their craft.

Jewelry and objects students work with advanced, rapid prototyping 3-D printers and other professional-level technology.

Professors work with students through every part of the assembly of jewelry and objects.

Fahm Hall studios create an environment where graduate metals and jewelry students can focus on and sharpen their ideas.

Individual work benches give jewelry and object students the space they need to complete their work.

Fahm Hall offers facilities that promote a thorough understanding of metalworking for jewelry and objects.