Café des Artistes

This SCAD Lacoste dining hall provides meals for students, faculty and visiting artists throughout the day.

Computer Lab

Through its computer labs, SCAD Lacoste brings Internet technology and worldwide connectivity to the ancient village.

La Maison Basse

La Maison Basse, located in Provence's Luberon Valley, has led many lives over the past eight centuries.

Lacoste Library

SCAD Lacoste's three-story library is housed in the village's former boulangerie, or bakery.

Maison Pitot

The Maison Pitot is a complex of faculty and student housing.

Pfriem Terrace

Lofty, rock-lined ledges and verdant terrace gardens afford sweeping views of the Luberon Valley.

Résidence du SCAD

This is a private guest house at SCAD Lacoste.

SCAD Lacoste

SCAD Lacoste is a residential study-abroad location in France, offering immersion in the history and culture of Provence.

ShopSCAD in Lacoste

This venue showcases renowned artists, plus handmade items, jewelry and small artwork created by students, faculty and alumni.